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20 January 1986
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I tried being normal once.
I didn't like it.

I have my master's in English literature from the University of Delaware and am working on my PhD in the same at Ohio University. I've got a teaching assistantship, so my life basically consists of studying, teaching, studying, dancing, more studying... and acting like a complete nut in my free time in the evenings when my brain gives out. The plan is to retain my sanity, get a PhD, and teach college (writing fiction on the side!). I'm 25, single, a chronic daydreamer and worrier, passionate to begin new fiction writing projects and dilatory in finishing them. (To read any of the 'writings' I post on this journal, you have to be on my friends list. Shoot me a comment if you're curious...) Many of my obsessions are listed below in the 'interests' section; if you share any of them, I'd be happy to squee endlessly over them with you! Come on in; the water's fine.

The Lord's Banner Over Me is Love (SS 2:4)
(Sorry. Couldn't resist the pun. :D)

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